..should I grab that last bag before the price increase?

  1. The price increase is weighing heavily on my mind. Thing is I know I'd love to have an etoupe lindy 30 but this isn't the best time for me to buy since I just made some big purchases....but if I don't buy now, I might be kicking myself if there is a significant price increase. What to do????
  2. Of course, you know what I'm going to say.... Go for it!

    Talk about perfect timing, my PO just came in right before the price increase. I am a totally happy camper! While this is not a great time for me, either, I have convinced myself that any time before a price increase is the right time!
  3. Go for it!! I am mad about Lindys. Buy one and I'll live vicariously through you, if you don't mind.
  4. I don't know....if I had the same options I'd be kicking myself for not buying it and the price goes up.

    I'd also kick myself if I buy it on impulse, fall out of love with it and have to sell at a loss...

    But that's just me. I'm SO bad at making decisions.
  5. if it doesnt burn your pocket, why not? you will be saving $$$ (in that sense), lol :biggrin:
  6. if you've always wanted to get a lindy but was holding out till later... then may as well get it before the price increase. However, if you are half hearted about getting a lindy and the decision to get one is largely influence d by the price increase, then perhaps not
  7. Buy it! :graucho:
  8. If you´ve thought about it for some time now and your sure you are going to get it anyways in the near future, maybe take it (she says coyly)
  9. If you are sure to have it one day because you really love it...it's better to purchase it before the price increase :yahoo:...
    But if it's just because the price is going up...then pass :yes:
  10. Please don't get mad at me everyone ::starts to duck:: but if you are making this one last purchase with a credit card (since you have just bought a few other things) and aren't able to pay it off in full this month, won't you end up eating your "savings before the increase" in the interest your credit card will charge until you do pay it off?

    Just a thought... usually the best time to buy is when you're completely ready for it, even when discounts aren't there... :smile:
  11. I totally agree!:yes:
  12. Buy NOW!!!
  13. Of course RC! Go buy!
  14. Get it definitely, unless there is any cc debt incurred with interest, then you know its not worth it.
  15. Yes!! BUy iT Rocker!!!