should i go?

  1. so as you might know (in my other recent thread), i am sorta on an hermes kick, and the closest store to me is in naples (2 hrs south).

    i called there today and asked about their availability of clarisse pms or gms, and the woman i talked to was very flaky...didnt listen very well, had no idea what the clarisse even was, and said they didnt have any.

    so - since i was planning to go tomorrow anyway (and so some other shopping anyway...theres an LV and burberry there too), but i dont REALLY want to go and not find any clarisses...and i dont really believe this woman saying that they dont have any...should i go anyway? should i call another store and ask them to check? is that possible? I sorta wonder if the hermes in naples is just TEENY TINY and only sells twillys and garden parties?

    Anyway, tell me what you think.

    Thanks, Alex
  2. Alex...I have heard a small report on the Naples boutique and you are hearing correctly. There is not much there. I believe a member has been by there and maybe she can give you a report.

    Can you drive down to Palm Beach instead? You may have greater luck there. You know...Worth Avenue. You could still see LV and all the other big names as well.
  3. Call a larger store with exactly what you have in mind including color. They will be able to locate one for you. You could even ask if there are any clarisses in FL at all.
  4. Go anyways, they may have them, but the SA may not have know what you were asking for. Sometimes, it helps bringing a pic in with you.
  5. Call Bal Harbour now...they should still be open. Maybe they can tell you what Worth Ave has and/or Naples. It is worth a shot.
  6. They have a good stock of them in NYC and a few at KOP.
  7. 561-655-6655 Palm Beach

    305-868-0118 Miami

    (unless the #'s have been changed)
  8. thanks ladies! a little bird just told me that hermes naples is a franchised store, and has very few items of interest, and is also not linked by computer to the rest of the stores around here. so, i will be calling palm beach or bal harbour and going tomorrow or just ordering from new york.

    Thanks again