Should I go to the all this trouble?

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  1. So I have been regretting my lovely whiskey shoulder bag, although I love it, it is slightly smaller than I like. I have been wishing that I purchased the Ali but it's all sold out. I was considering selling shoulder and getting an Ali on eBay but I don't know if I want to bother. The Ali's I looked at said they were store returns and had some scratches. The whiskey is so unique that a few little scratches probably wouldn't bother me if I could see them in person before buying.
    Well I guess I just talked myself into keeping the shoulder.

    Oops, I will request a mod move this to coach forum. Sorry guys.
  2. Go with your gut feeling. Eventually you might be able to find a better one on eBay if you hold out long enough. I hate it when bags are defective, I am just picky.
  3. I would return it if you don't love it. It's going to take lots of time and effort to find the whiskey Ali but it will be worth it if you truly :heart: it and it meets your needs. What if you keep calling coach every week -- I mean every time I asked, they said they were sold out of the legacy french purse.. yet today a bunch of us ordered it because it became available.
    Or someone may return one and it may come back into the system..
    good luck!!
  4. If I didn't love it then I wouldn't be happy. I would have to get what I wanted. I recently bought a Dooney instead of a Coach and didn't even carry it.....just sold it. I should have known before buying it that I wouldn't be happy.
  5. I think what I will do is keep checking eBay, the outlet (just in case) and call Coach. If I get my hands on one, then I will sell the shoulder. Its not that I am not crazy about the shoulder, but I think I would be more crazy about the Ali as the extra room fits my daily needs. Thanks guys.
  6. The Whiskey Ali is still available on to order. You can have your SA order it for you and shipped for free.
  7. It is! When I looked at the handbags section I didn't see it but after reading your post I typed in Ali and there it is! Thanks :smile:
  8. Cool, I'm glad you saw it. :yes: You are most welcome! ;)