Should I go to Rio de Janeiro?

  1. A friend of mine is going to Rio de Janeiro for a conference this fall and invited me to come along. Should I go? It's an expensive and long trip -- from Pennsylvania -- so I thought I'd see if any of you had been there and if you think it's worth seeing. Is it really exciting and beautiful?

    Also, is it safe? I've never traveled outside of Europe and North America/Carribean, so I'm a bit nervous. I don't want to go anywhere too dangerous.

    Opinions on Rio and Brazil???

  2. Yes, yes, yes!!!!!!:nuts: :nuts: :nuts:

    I've been to Rio several times, both for play and for work. It is an amazing place. It's not just full of beautiful beaches, but has an amazing culture and rhythm. The people, the music, the smells, the fruits and foods, the markets....It's not like any other place. You will absolutely love it.

    Like traveling anywhere, you just need to know where you are going, and don't leave the city proper unless you take the proper precautions. The first time I went to Rio was actually in high school and it was my first trip out of the country. I went with a group from my high school (yes, it was a HS trip, believe it or not), and my friend and I went off touring without our chaperones (dumb). She and I decided to take a bus back from wherever we were so we could save cabfare (really dumb). Of course we took it in the wrong direction, it already was dusk, and we found ourselves stranded in a very bad part of town (out in the flavelas, or "slums"). So not pretty. Luckily, a local policeman took pity on us and drove us back to the city. Even more luckily, as we found out later, he actually WAS a policeman and an honest one at that.

    Most recently, I visited two years ago. I worked with the hotel concierge and car service if I wanted to travel alone out of town, and mapped my way around before I left anywhere. It was just fine. I always explore out on my own when I travel on business, and I never have a problem. Maybe I have a "I live in NYC, so don't mess with me" look on my face, but as long as I'm smart about it, I'm ok. Besides, you'll want to go where everyone else wants to go as well, so you'll be fine.

    The one thing I'd mention is not to bring any valuables to the beach. Unlike other places where you may just leave your stuff on your towel when you go for a swim, your stuff will not be there when you return.

    OK, way too much talk about safety and not enough about the fabulousness of Rio. Get yourself a travel guide and get excited. YOU ARE GOING TO RIO!! I can hear the music playing already!:wlae: :wlae:
  3. Oh, I forgot! Don't worry about not knowing Portugese. I have a high school knowledge of spanish (great for prices) and I did just fine.
  4. OMG what an opportunity! I would definitely go, read up on things to do, things to look out for, social graces, etc so you feel somewhat prepared. Learning a few key words in Portuguese is a good idea. From what I have heard it is not very well received to speak Spanish or assume one understands Spanish when in Brazil. has some interesting info about business etiquette, culture, etc. Good reading - check it out!
  5. Are you kidding, I would go in a heart beat!!!
  6. Of course it is worth seeing!!!!!!! :nuts: obviously my opinion is going to be heavily biased on this matter :lol: but things worth seeing and doing in Rio are:

    Going to the Corcovado
    Going to Pão de Açucar
    Hang gliding (on't worrrrrrf you've never done it before you can do your jumps with an instructor)
    Shopping will be extremely cheap particularly if you go to the markets. Leather goods are also very very cheap.
    Make sure you visit one of the samba schools there specially wen they're holding their rehearsals, it's a good a fun experience.
    For traditional food just rock up to one of the Churrascarias for a brazed/grilled/roast fest

    I don't think Rio as cty is any more dangerous than somewhere like Bangkok or Cape Town or New York.You just have to remember that if you don't speak the language then it's best not to venture into the favelas on your own or make sure you're with someone reputable who knows the area and the language well. The hotel where you're staying will be able to let your know who to contact or who is a good tour guide.

    Hope you have lots and lots of fun :smile:
  7. Thanks girls!! This is actually sort of bad because you are making me really want to go and it's so expensive. But it does sound amazing and like a major opportunity.

    ugh, now I want to go! There is a complication in that the friend who invited me is an older, recently seperated from his wife, man and my parents are going to find that scandelous -- even though we would just go as friends. I'll probably need to do a whole seperate thread about that, lol.

    But if I can swing it and take this trip, I'll definitely be glad to have cs06 and brazillian babe around for advice.

  8. What better place to be scandalous than in Brazil!!! :P :P :P

    Just kidding. Listen, it's a great life experience to go there, and well worth the $ and "scandel." My parents are the same way about a lot of things, so a lot of detail I just don't tell them. I'm 38, and still am concerned about what they think! Go figure! :shrugs:

    Have fun! (yes, we all assume you will go!)
  9. Go and have fun!!!!
  10. If you book through they'll let you pay a part up front and a part just before your trip, this way you're not dishing out the money all at once!

    I definitely think you should go! It sounds like it'll be such a fun trip.
  11. Wow!! :nuts: I'd go in a heartbeat!!!!! Brazil is a great place and great places to go around there- the PFers will help ya out!!! Go lay on the :beach: and have fun!!!
  12. I'd say go for it! I bet it will be so much fun!
  13. omg, I want to go now! There are so many logistics to work out -- but I'll keep you all posted. It really will be exciting if it comes together:smile: Like I said, it will be my farthest trip from home.

    Thanks you guys!! You're all so encouraging!
  14. You have to go
  15. It's a very beautiful place. I would go.