Should I go for this bubblegum pink???

  1. Just a comment on price I would appreciate!!!..
  2. It's a pretty shade of pink (I prefer this one over magenta) it appears to be real - but 1100. for slightly used bag-i dont know.
  3. It appears authentic to me, and $1100 for a BG Pink Work is a great price. It is hard to tell the condition as some of the close ups the leather looks really vibrant, but in the shots farther away it looks to be faded. But that could just be the lighting. Can you get them to take a photo of it in direct sunlight without using the flash? That is the best way to tell the color. If the only problem with the bag is the corners I would say $1100 is a great deal! Good luck!
  4. Actually, $1100 on this BG work is a pretty darn good price even if its slightly used per the auction.

    The color does seem to look a lil faded when the pic is taken from a far away shot.
    Though, I need to see the bales on the inside of the handles where the hardware connects from the bag to the handles.

    The 'S' on PARIS (the silver tag) looks a lil off to me, or is it just the angling of the picture? I can be wrong.
  5. I am wrong, hehehhehe. I took another look on that silver tag, I didnt enlarge the pic the first time around, but after enlarging it, the 's' looks fine!

  6. I Paid!!!!!!!!
    Phewww.. after I've got the bag I'll get more pictures:biggrin:

    Thank you for all comments They are very useful :smile:

    ps Deana vbmenu_register("postmenu_1891747", true); ... Your Magenta is killing me... I want one so badly!!
  7. That's a great price. If you don't like it you won't have any problem selling it on eBay. I know because it took me 6 months to score one and I wasn't even that picky about the conditon of the bag. They don't show up very often. Post pics when you get her. BG is such a pretty pink.:heart:
  8. lovely bag!
  9. i refuse to pay over retail for a used bag so i would say that the bag is too expensive
  10. Yeah, but for a bubblegum - THAT year and that depth of color won't be coming back anytime soon. Post pics and congrats
  11. Congrats!
  12. make sure to post pics when you get it!
  13. ^ The bag in the pictures is a City not a Work. It would be helpful to see the bales of the strap hardware. Did the seller ever provide those?
  14. I agree. Get a picture of the bales.