Should I go for the Mini? :)

  1. Greetings from Scotland! (I'm studying abroad here.) The weather is terrible today, but anyway...

    I'm thinking about getting a Mini Flap in black Caviar! I know it's really small, but I just cannot get over how cute it is! And I really like that you can wear it crossbody. Should I go for it? The only Chanel's I have right now are a black (washed) caviar accordian flap and a distressed black caviar jumbo flap (the one Courtney Cox has - I don't actually have it yet, but it's on it's way!). So both of those are pretty big bags. I'm in need of something small! What do y'all think? :love:
  2. go for it! it is soo cute! can also be used as an evening bag.
    I wanted to get one in beige but i didn't. Anyhow i'm not too sure how much it costs now? good luck!
  3. I love the mini flaps, they're so adorable! Go for it!
  4. I was thinking of getting the mini too because it's so cute but I think it's too small for me so I'm going for the medium/large. But get it if you want it!
  5. It is cute, but for me it would just sit in the box forever! But if you think you can get use out of it, then go for it!
  6. i purchased a red mini w/ gold hardware not too long ago and i love it. its really cute and i take it with me when i dont have too much to carry.
  7. May I ask how much you got it for? I was looking through past threads and the only price I could find was $1050, but I don't know if that's accurate....
  8. I think the mini is retailing at close to $1400 now.. (1395?) I was thinking about it for the longest time and I love love the shape and style but I'm just going to hold off on it to see if it'll come in brighter, more fun colors since black will always be around! :smile:
  9. i have one and love it and wear it all the time...if you love it you should get it!
  10. I think the mini is adorable but not so sure about how functional it is... I was contemplating the mini as an evening bag but decided to go for the east west instead, since it's versatile (can adjust the length and also use as a clutch). If you can see yourself using the mini, I think you should go for it!
  11. thanks for you replies, everyone! I just clicked BIN! I can't wait to get it...I'll post pics when I do!

    Thanks again!
  12. I think it's adorable and bought one but ended up exchanging it for a medium black caviar flap . What I didn't like about it was that:

    1. It holds less than my wallets-on-a-chain do, mostly because I don't need a wallet to put into the WoC (doh :p). That leaves the entire inside of the WoC for other stuff.

    2. I don't find that the length of the chain works for me. If I double it up and carry it on my shoulder, it looks to me like I'm carry a kid's bag. If I carry it cross-body, it's shorter on me than the WoC is and hits me above the waistline. I tend to like my cross-body bags to hit me at hip level and my WoCs do that even with coats on. My reissue phone pouch hits me lower, as well. For some reason, when I see my reflection in the mirror with a little cross-body bag hitting me above the waist, it looks to me like it used to be a bigger bag and it shrank in the rain or something :smile:
  13. It sounds cute. Cant wait to see the pics..
  14. I love my mini flap! It is great for nights out and can be dressed up or down. I also really like that I can wear it cross body. No other bag has ever looked good on me cross body, but this one does! I can't wait to see it on you.

  15. Oooh.. so you bought your new bag already? I think the mini flap is really cute! I don't know how much you could fit in it, though..