should I go for the mini pochette or make up pouch?

  1. I'm wondering if I should go for the mini pochette or the damier square pouch cosmetic case with the leather strap. It's just called "make up pouch" on Which would you choose for everyday essentials?
  2. Get the LE mini pouchette with the trunks logo, it is so cute!
  3. Honestly I use my Mini Pochette More than my Pochette Cosmetique. The Mini Pochette is a great small size, but it holds a ton!

  4. id get the make up pouch as long as you dont want to use it as a small bag. iv got the regular pochette and its so useful but i think the mini would be to small.
  5. I think it really depends on how much you need to carry, as the trousse make-up fits much more than the mini. I love my trousse, it's just perfect for my essentials.:yes:
  6. i think u should go for the mini...its so dang cute! :smile:

    OH and if ur like me and needed something cute to throw in ur backpack check out the mini speedy...its so cute and perfect for the back pack and omg it holds TONS TONS TONS!!

    what are u going to be using it for?
  7. i love my mini for that
  8. Mini for me unless the pouch holds more and you carry a lot.
  9. What great timing! I was considering the same things!

    The make up pouch seems to fit enough! Like a big cles :biggrin:
  10. go for the mini! a lot of people complimented on my damier azur mini pochette at the wedding i attended over the weekend!
  11. Trunks & logo mini pochette is adorable I have it, love it!
  12. The damier trousse makeup pouch is so cute and it can fit a lot of things. I bought mine 7 yrs ago and I still love it very much! :tup:
  13. Mini Trunks and Bags pochette! :graucho: So cute and holds a ton!
  14. ITA!!

    I get so many compliments when I carry it. I haven't seen anyone else with it yet.
  15. I agree with others....the Trunks mini pochette would be really nice!