Should I go for it?

  1. Ok Ok Ok! I have to head into the hospital today so I may ask to make an appt with HR..... * *

    So today was the day that I attempted to make an appointment or talk with someone about the job duties and responsibilities...

    Well, I started talking with the administrative assistant and she told me that they had a guy coming in at 3pm for his third interview.. :sad:

    I was really saddened by this and kind of defeated and upset that I had waited too long--three interviews is a lot and at this point he was to meet with all of the directors in each department to get the final approval.

    WELL, HE DIDN'T get it! The administrative assistant called me right away and told me that if I am serious I need to email the CEO right away and let her know of my interest.. So I did..and now I am sitting here on pins and needles.

    Tomorrow I have our regularly scheduled meeting with her and the medical director and staff of business development... I want to be prepared to speak with her about this in case she addresses it tomorrow.... AHHHHHH!

    OH--btw, I saw the guy they were interviewing and this is a guy I went to HIGHSCHOOL with! Random.. we are the same age (age was a big concern for me) and he also does not have a master's degree and has been in pharm sales... so RANDOM!
  3. Ahh! Good luck!
  4. That is awesome! Good luck, and if they don't bring it up at your meeting tomorrow, you better darn well bring it up yourself!! ;)
  5. Wishing you good luck! Also, do you have additional years of experience outside of the one at your current place of employment? If so, really sell that when you talk to them. Some employers will trade years of experience for graduate degrees.
  6. Good luck!! I'm late to this thread but wanted to say how excited I am for you that you decided to go for it!

    Hope you brought up your interest in the position in your meeting today!

    Update us soon!
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