should i go for it?

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  1. i have the opportunity to purchase a large vintage monogram noe for $200 +shipping of $29.95. :nuts: i had it authenticated here, and it is in fact authentic! if i get it, it would be my first bag that isn't a speedy! i really want it, because it would be nice to use for school and stuff. should i go for it?
  2. If it is in good condition, yes, go for it!! That is a great deal and you know you would regret passing that up!
  3. Yes- go for it and such a great price :flowers: and it will make ya smile..:yes:
  4. Sophiae, go for it!
  5. yes , you will love the noe they are great
  6. go for it!
  7. Yes go for it! I think you will be sad if you don't!
  8. oh yes!!!!!
  9. yep, of course, if you like it :biggrin: good price too
  10. heck yes! :nuts:
  11. Sure! Do it! Sounds like a great deal!
  12. You most definitely should go for it!
  13. thanks, guys! i'm totally going for it! the lady already offered it to me! i'm so excited!
  14. no offence, but did you really need help with that?? its such a good deal! of COURSE go for it!
  15. no help really needed... just wanted to peer pressure myself into getting it... :graucho: