Should I Go for It?

  1. Hello ladies,
    I am new and I am contemplating purchasing the black Venetia at Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale. Although I have been lusting after this style forever, I always pictured myself getting a more "fun" color, but I am thinking black would be more practical due to my accident-prone nature. However, I already have a black E/W Stam with gold hardware. Are these bags (shape) too similar, or should I take the plunge? I am so tempted because of the great price! Thanks in advance for any suggestions! :heart:Erin
  2. i wanted the venetia in a "fun" color and got it in an emerald green! i definitely love it but i don't use it as much as my other neutral colored mj's. so i guess it really depends on what's already in your purse collection and what your style's like. good luck!
  3. Well since you already have a black Stam, I would say you're due for a fun color. I know the sale price is tempting though!
  4. i think black venetia means "business" and formal looking. theres a few fun colour venetia at eBay! :heart:
  5. I like the colored Venetias well. You'd be surprised how easy it is to coordinate a colored bag with clothing.
  6. It depends on what you can use. I like fun colored bags, too. They are really different and definitely make a statement. I am getting the Venetia in black, because I can use it for work everyday (Unless I decide to use another of my bags). I still plan on buying some fun color MJ's in the near future, but having the black Venetia is a wardrobe staple. I don't think you can go wrong.
  7. Thank you for all of your helpful suggestions! I am going to Nordstroms this evening and will keep you posted on my decision!
  8. I like the colored venetias better. The Black one for some reason screams serious to me!
  9. i was just about to call Nordstrom's to pre sale the black venetia, but after reading this thread, i don't think i'm going to! now, the good news is that i get to save money...for the time being. bad news is i'm going to be spending MORE money in the future unless i get lucky at a t.j. maxx or something.