should i go for it or should i wait?

  1. dilemma! i am soooooooo in love with the red epi jasmin and want one, like NOW. i found one last week which seemed ok (fayden helped me -- thanks girl!) but still wanted more pics and had a few wquestions. the seller never replied to ANY of my e-mails, which surprised me cuz she's a MPRS. anyway, i was too nervous to buy from someone who didn't reply, but was still bummed whent he auction ended :sad2: . Anyway, found another one, seems ok, seller seems legit, GREAT price, but its the new red, and i like the old red (castillion?). should i go for it? or should i wait and see of an old red one pops up?

    here's the link:

    comments on authenticity too please!

    i feel so impatient! but will i regret it if i buy too soon?!?!
  2. If you want the old red one, you should wait for it.
  3. I like new red.... but its just my personal preference.
    if you like the other red, wait for it.
  4. if u like the old color better, i would wait for it too. it will come around. be patient!
  5. well, i haven't actually seen the old red. but i personally like a deeper darker red, and someone told me the new red is more orange-y in comparison -- true?
  6. i would never buy a lv bag from ebay
  7. My speedy came from ebay, and I would buy another bag from there in a heartbeat. If you do your homework, you can save some cash (to put towards the next bag!!), find discontinued styles/colors and/or get a mono with a lovely patina!
  8. I didn't realize there is a difference between the old red and new red. I love the epi line in red most though.
  9. I never realized there was a difference either. I work 3 miles away from this seller.
  10. I think the bag is beautiful and authentic. I have purchased three LV's through Ebay and all three have been authentic and in great shape. I say go for it!!!
  11. I personally love the new red...