Should I go for it or not?

  1. Okay.. Here's the situation.. I got my white Ursula last night already and tried using it this morning when me and my baby girl went to my parents' place.. The fact that the Ursula is heavy, I can't deny.. I'm in LoVe!!! But I noticed, the straps of the Ursula keeps on falling.. The one strap is falling off my shoulders from time to time.. And I'm not sure whether it's because of the weight or my bra's straps are just tight that my shoulders got soo red, itchy and hurting right now... I have the Black Ursula reserved upto Tuesday in the boutique, thinking whether I should get it or not.. Should I go for it, or give the White Ursula another chance of using it and see if it still hurts or not?? Should I go for the black as well or not? Any of you guys who has the Ursula and feels the same thing too??
  2. Sorry, I don't own the Ursula.. but if the white one is hurting your shoulder and being a general PITA.. I would hold off before getting the black one. Perhaps there is another bag in black MC that you can get instead?
  3. why not cancel the reservation wait a little longer and see how you get on with the white, it's a perm. bag so you'll be ok for a while
  4. It's hurting your shoulder because it's heavy, have you tried just carrying it on your arm or just hold it by hand. I know that's probably hard with the baby, but the pictures of people that own it, carry it that way. I'm glad I returned the one I bought ... I didn't think it would work for me with the wieght and the chunky hardware by the straps. So it might not be such a good idea to buy the black one.
  5. hmm, I would definitely wait on the black one and try the white one out again. even though it's gorgeous, it isn't worth the pain!

  6. i agree! :yes:
  7. I don't own one so I can't help there, but I think you should wait on the black to make sure you can first find a comfortable way to wear the white.
  8. I have read here that is one of the problems people complain about--the falling straps. Personally, that would drive me CRAZY! I think you should wait before dropping another chunk of change on the same bag, until you feel TOTALLY comfortable with it !!!!
  9. I noticed the same issue, that is why I returned it! I also notice that the strap on my cabby mm slides off of my shoulder too! What a pain!~ Especially for you, you have small children!
  10. I think you should keep the white Ursula because it's gorgeous and get something else in the MC line. Perhaps the Marilyn ( so chic & cute ) or the Priscilla.
  11. I agree with folks here. I say hold on the black one. Wait to see if you can live through the pain before you get the same bag that will give you the same problems.
  12. I agree with what others have said, keep using the white bag and see how you go.
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  14. I think that if it bothers you then NO! DON'T GET THE OTHER ONE!
    Also I personally never saw the point in getting 2 of the same bags in different colors! Think of the possiblities!!! Maybe you can get yourself another great LV that you love, or better yet hold on to that money and maybe you can pick up a fabolous limited edition!

    ***Sorry my computer did something weird and posted half of my message up there (so then I deleted it and put (...) there...***
  15. It is a GORGEOUS bag, but I don't think it's worth the pain. I would keep the one in the white for when you don't have to carry much. But I wouldn't get the one in black since you won't be using the one in white that often and just because it's not that pratical.

    I would put the money that's toward the black bag toward another bag.

    Good luck and let us know what you decide!

    --I'm also dying for modeling pictures if you don't mind. I would love to see that bag on someone.