Should I go for it or be good and wait?..sorry, kinda long thread


Should I behave myself & wait or get it now?

  1. Get it now!

  2. Behave and wait for ban to end

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  1. I posted a thread in BShopping about where to find a Steel/Plomb City w/GGH. Well, cracker was sweet enough to let me know that they had it at Barney's in Dallas. I am on a bag ban until Nov. :tdown:but want the bag so much for fear of it being sold out and I'll miss out on what I think might be my HG (for this year). I do have a few things that I'm getting ready to load off next week through e*** to help pay off my cc so I can get off the ban quicker. So here's my dilemma......should I behave myself and wait or get it now because it will be that much harder to find when my bag ban ends? Help!!!:wondering
  2. I'm going to be a bad influence here. First, you said HG......right there that means you have to get this bag. Second, Barney's is the only store in this country that is carrying GGH/Plomb combo and who knows how many they are getting in the City style and how many are even left at this point. When I called BalParis last week for my PT, I got the last one with GGH. I don't think this combo is very popular because the hot item this Fall that all the stores ordered was the SGH. So, my advice is to get it now if you can.
  3. Ooooh....I knew someone was going to say that.
  4. If it's your HG and it's HTF, then you TOTALLY need to get it.
  5. Haha, you're probably going to be getting a lot more of the same! For me, I'd have to agree with Cracker. Since it's your HG, you should jump on it or you may really really regret it. My HG this season was the Violet SGH Day. I got it yesterday to find that I'm not really sure how I feel about it in person. You should definitely buy your HG and see it in person - if you LOVE it, keep it! If you don' least you won't regret it, right? You're selling off a few things, I think it'll be good for you to get your HG!! Good luck!
  6. Since we're clearly a group of enablers...I'm going to agree with the above and say "Get it now!"
  7. If you can sell stuff to make money soon and/or you can afford it, I would buy now. It won't leave you alone anyway and you can go on a ban until next year after.
  8. Oh definitely you should get it.:yes: I used to wait and could never find what i was looking for but not any more. :nogood:Even if you have to see it in person and try it just get it and you never know you might change your mind after seeing it but don't wait.:nogood:
  9. Just decide whether you will find it again. Sounds like "no." Go for it!:okay:
  10. I'll go a bit against the grain and say it all depends on why you're on a purse ban. If buying the bag will derail you from something else you need, I'd say hold off. But if it's more a ban to limit your purchases, then go for it!
  11. Okay...what about IMMEDAITELY listing the items you want to you know that cash is coming sooner rather than later and THEN going for it? (Trying for a feel-good compromise here but the bottom line is I think you'll be haunted by this damned thing if you don't get it!)
  12. If you were serious about the ban for a real reason then I think you should try to stick with it.

    I suspect that there could be another HG around the corner once this one has been secured.

    As someone else suggested, if you need to sell bags to buy, then maybe you should try to sell them first.
  13. I have them scheduled to start this Sunday (weekends are better, I think), so hopefully, I'll get some immediate $$ to pay off the cc if not at least most of it. I'm so torn because as everyone else said it'll be that much harder to find (if at all) but I just can't stand to be in debt forever.:cry:
  14. Get it! Especially since it may be difficult to find later.
  15. I think the priority would be to pay off ur debt than buy the bag.. i wouldnt want a new purchase if i'd be feeling guilty and worried abt the CC bills.. There r always more exciting bags coming out.