should i go for cloud?

  1. Hmmmm, I'm on vacation in Hong Kong now. And there are actually cloud bags in stock. Every style are in stock. I really want the stratus PM. I kept it on hold right now. Should i get it?????????

    What colour should i get it in? Ecru or beige?? HMMMMMM......

    also, anyone know the price in Canada?

    Its 18700 HK.

  2. U totally should!!!! The Stratus PM in the US is $2420. However, they are still available in the US :smile:
  3. Stratus PM or GM in Beige.

    I prefer GM beause it's much more stunning, but if you dont like large bags, then dont. :p
  4. Get the Stratus in Ecru!
  5. Stratus GM in ECRU!

    Amazing bag!
  6. stratus in ecru!! i prefer the GM ;P
  7. its on your wishlist twiggers...are you getting it???? :graucho:
  8. oh man get any of them, they are all so hot!! :smile: but id say ecru in gm!

    YUMMY!! ur so lucky hehe
  9. Ecru!
  10. Ecru! That will be so gorgeous! :drool:
  11. I love Ecru!
  12. A little off-topic but would you know how much the Damier Azur Speedy 30 costs in HK? Thanks.
  13. Stratus PM in Ecru, the GM is too big IMO. Get it, you won't regret it, I adore mine!
  14. stratus pm in ecru definitely and if you have the money to get it you definitely should !!!!

    thats the only thing holding me back :drool:
  15. you should definitely get it. i say much more depth than the ecru (sorry ecru lovers!).