Should I go for an another INK ????

  1. Hi Ladies,

    I wanted to have a bag in The Purse style...
    and my SA found me an INK :nuts: !!!!

    The problem : I already have an Ink Work ...
    (I'll have it in mid November thanks to 2 lovely pfers:love: )...

    I've always thought I would never buy 2 bags in the same color...

    I'm trying to have a well balanced collection
    (so far black / rouge vif / cornflower / emerauld / Grenat / Truffle and my Ink Work)

    I'm going to see the bag (on hold for me:graucho: ) on tuesday,

    and if I like the leather...what should I do ???
  2. I say wait to go see it in person and if it's LOVE at first sight get it!
  3. Is it at Printemps? I saw a *gorgeous* purse there, the leather was TDF! but I am not a fan of the purse... and still I was soooo tempted...
  4. If it's gorgeous, go for it. I have 2 Inks, and want 2 more!
  5. I have an Ink Purse and I really LOVE it! I say go for it. Afterthe sytle is retired you wont be able to find it and then you'll want it! I love mine. I actually want an Ink City and an Ink Work can never have too much Ink.
  6. Go for it, as you know I have my Ink work that I've actually decided to sell, but only because of it not being as practical as the city for me. I love Ink and asap I will get an ink city.

    If the leather is nice...there is no holding back!
  7. I agreewith the others. I have 2 whites because I just love the way bbags look in white. Edgy yet elegant is how I see them. If you love ink, get it now rather than having to go the ebay route later on.:yes:
  8. All right Ladies Thank you for your help :flowers: !!!

    If it's:heart: , I'll get it !!!

    and maybe post pics on tuesday:graucho:
  9. i agree witheveryone, you can never have too much ink!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Go for it fromparis!!! And then post pictures!!!
  11. I just bought an Ink Day to go with my Ink Purse...see? you can never have too much Ink!
  12. Ain't that the truth... something tells me you're about to increase your Ink holdings yet again. ;) I'm at once jealous and relieved, if you know what I mean.:graucho:
  13. Yes. :yes: More ink! :graucho:
  14. More definite answer. YES!! Got ink twiggy and it is stunning. Pics tomorrow. Ink is indeed a beautiful color.
  15. They are discontinuing the PURSE, so I'll say buy it if you like it! :graucho::yes: