Should I go for a Tessie tote?

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  1. Hi Mulberry girls,

    I've recently gotten my first Alexa (pre-loved in soft buffalo oak leather, immaculate condition!) and really love it.
    For my every day work bag I would need to have a tote, however, and have considered the Tessie tote for this purpose.
    Unfortunately I haven't found a lot of comments on this bag. Do you have this tote and would you recommend it?
    How is wear and tear? Which organiser can I use in it?

    These are my needs:
    Tan/ cognac colour
    Can carry 13 inch Macbook air several times a week
    Not willing to spend more than 1000€
    No obvious branding
    Not too slouchy, should ideally stand up by itself

    Thank you so much for your input!
  2. Congratulations on the alexa! It was my first bag and appeared to start a desire to have more!! I pondered on a Tessie at christmas but found the straps a little short to go over my coat. However, if you don't wear a large coat, I'm sure it would be fine. I think they look better made than the blossom tote, however, I must confess I bought a blue blossom at the weekend as I found one for a good price.

    BTW, the outlets appear to have Tessie Totes in last years colours at the mo, I saw a regal blue one in York on Saturday.

    Good luck on what your decide.
  3. I've had my oak tessie tote for almost 2 years... I've used it as a day to day bag, a bag for work, a bag for meetings and also for travelling - it's literally been around the world with me - for both business and leisure.

    It's lightweight, practical, comfy to carry. I chuck everything in it. Looks almost like new.

    I've other mulberry bags that I deem more classic or prettier such as the bay's, dz or bays tote, but this is the one I reach for when I have to carry for any length of time.

    I find the handles to be a great length too, no issues whatsoever over anything that I'm wearing.
  4. Thank you both for your input. I was really intending for it to be my workhorse bag, so it's brilliant to know it has been serving you well for this purpose lulu09.

    Quality doesn't always seem to be reflected in the price these days so I was not too sure if it would be worth it :smile:

    Any ideas which organiser might fit?
  5. A work colleague owns two tessie totes. First she had oak and then got black. She basically uses them every day and they still look great. I always touch the smooshy leather whenever I pass by her desk to say hi.

    If you want something non mulberry at a better price with a bit more structure I would recommend the Michael Kors jet set tote. It does have the MK fob which you may not be keen on but otherwise it is a perfect tote, especially if you get the one with the zip opening into one large compartment. The black one I use all the time when traveling and when I am the university.

    I like my never full MM Damier ebene too as it doesn't scream LV like the monogram does. The epi neverfulls are also gorgeous if you can afford it!
  6. I have a poppy red tessie tote and I love her! She is suede lined and stands up by herself but I think the newer versions are microfibre lined and may be a bit less structured. I have used a felt bayswater bagliner in her on occasions and it's a good fit. Although the oak and black tessie totes are current season you can pick up a preloved in good condition at great prices at the moment. I don't use my tessie tote as an everyday work bag but many on here do and have found it great for this purpose. I find this tote lightweight and very comfortable over my shoulder. Good luck with your search for the perfect work bag! 😀