Should I go for a Metallic Spy ???

  1. I need your help Ladies:smile:

    I have a Black and a Cognac Spy...
    and I can't decide if my next Spy could be this one:shrugs: ...
    I dress very casual (jeans, flat ballerinas, and most of the time black top)...

    I love this bag, but I don't know if I could "wear" it...would it be to POP for me ???

    Please help me and share your advices pros and cons
    or pics...
    or even better modelling pics :graucho:
  2. Hey! That's the one Jomashop is selling right now at a really great price! :biggrin: I think it's a very nice colour, and it'd make your spy stand out even more! :smile:
  3. gooooooo for it..
    i have it and it rocks!!! you'll get so many compliments once you wear it :drool:
  4. ^^ At least with the metallic, they haven't been copied very much yet! (Well, I haven't seen anyone carry a fake one so far!) hmmm... Now you've got ME thinking about it! :push:
  5. wow~ this looks different!
    i agree, it does make the bag stand out and i think it would look great even if you are wearing casual, it will make anything u wear look good :tender:
  6. I love the metallic spies and the outfit you describe would really make it stand out - I say go for it I think they are gorgeous
  7. GO FOR IT!!! I am in jeans and t-shirts all the time but it never stopped me from wearing mine! I think it looks awesome worn both ways, casual and dressed up.:yes:

    Here is a pic of me with my metallic Spy (I need to delete those pics from my PC as they make me miss this bag!!!:crybaby:).
    soy.JPG SPY1.JPG
  8. do the metallic bags tend to wear better than the older cognacs? Do they still blush? :shrugs:
  9. Oooo nice pics ladies.
  10. Silly question but what do you mean by blush
  11. I had one and sold it, but I can say I loved it while I had it. I also have a Fortuny, so out of the two I decided to keep the Fortuny. I felt I had too many bling Spy bags.
    You can definitely wear it with jeans, it isn't that dressy. I am sure you can dress up or down with it. The texture of the leather makes it go either way.
  12. Thanks for all your comments Ladies :smile:

    Thanks for posting pics H_addict:heart: !!

    I'm sorry you miss this bag now...
    The Metallic looks so great on you !!!

    I've almost decide (well at 80%:push: )
  13. I think its such a bargain on Jomashop to good to miss, I know when Deco got hers from their it was so bubbly nappa leather it was amazing, so if you love metallic would buy it

  14. Please, for the more experienced girls out there, correct me if I am wrong here... But, the older cognac/black spys' leather used to fade and have a slightly distressed and patchy look to the leather, which makes it have a 'vintage' feel... I'm just scared that with the gold colour, if it blushes, it will look dull and yucky :S that's what I'm most worried about!

    ETA- Does anyone know if Jomashop's specials are permanent??
  15. :heart: I am so happy I found this thread! I have been pondering the same subject....OK I know I have way too many Fendis, but I don't have a metallic and I usually dress casual...thanks for the jeans pics:wlae: .

    Joanii, Jomashop sometimes runs out of stock...sort of like Costco, if you snooze, you lose:wtf: .