Should I go fo the Chanel 2.55 Maxi double flapbag (VINTAGE)


Nov 8, 2009
Keerbergen, Belgium (Europe)
Hi, I just bought the Chanel 2.55 medium size (lambskin) black with gold hardware...I already have the Jumbo size in black caviar with silver hardware (2010)...Now, I have the chance to buy the Chanel Vintage Maxi bag (authenticated on purse-forum, yeahhh :biggrin:), in good condition for only 500 eur! Good deal no? Black with gold hardware...The Vintage bag comes with his Chanel box, dust bag, authenticity card and care booklets. Should I go Chanel crazy and buy the Vintage as well? :thinking: I have to make a decision today...thank you guys! :biggrin: