should i go by myself?

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  1. wicked is coming to the big city next week. and i *really* want to see it. unfortunately a) i just found out about it, so there are only a few single seats left and none left in pairs and b) i don't have anyone to go with anyway (hubby's busy and my friends all live far away)

    has anyone ever been to a musical or play by themselves? i'd imagine it'd be like going to a movie by yourself which i do a lot and don't have a problem with.

    argh. this post makes me seem like such a loser. heheh.
  2. If you don't want to go alone you and a friend could buy 2 seperate tickets, go together and then leave together giving you someone to talk to about it post show. I'd do it. You don't talk during shows anyway. Well you shouldn't at least.
  3. Never a play or musical. That would be too much for me. However I have gone to the movies a few times by myself. I'm ok with that. I think that if you went to the Sunday matinee that would be ok. Will it be in town on a Sunday?
  4. never even been to a movie by myself let alone a play. I'm such a chicken, plus I like to share the experience with someone. But if you are comfortable by yourself more power to ya girl! :biguns:
  5. Absolutely. Go and have a good time! I have a friend who has a single season ticket to the opera, and she loves it!
  6. Don't miss it! I saw this last year when it was in SF and I looooved it. So yes, go alone if you must!
  7. I didn't go on my own, but I have seen Wicked and I LOVED it. I say go and have fun.
  8. Yes go on your own. It doesn't really matter if someone is there with you, it's not like you interact with them throughout the production. You'll be fine.

    I do many things alone, travel, movies, restaurants...
  9. Go alone! You are not a loser if you go alone, quite the opposite! Plus, if you go alone there is no one to roll their eyes when you spend time checking out the other women's bags..
  10. i've pretty much decided i'm going to go if there's still a ticket avaliable tomorrow. (i'd do it tonight, but ticketmaster is being dumb)

    i don't have issue doing anything else by myself...i don't know why this is bothering me especially since it's not like i'll talk to whomever i go with anyway. it's probably b/c i've been doing so much by myself lately sometimes i just want some company. but the truth is, i am my own best company! when i hang out with myself i always get to do exactly what i want with no persuading. hehe.

    thanks ladies. i'll arrange to have dinner with one of my city friends...oh or my parents! i miss them. that should help whatever niggling feelings are bugging me. :supacool:
  11. i guess, it shouldn't be any different when watching a movie by yourself, except musicals have those intermissions, and kinda weird to be by yourself.. but if it was me, i will do it.. hehe..
  12. I saw it on broadway- it was fantastic! Very funny. I think it's someone's avatar on here too.
  13. Good luck getting a ticket!
  14. That's the one thing I haven't done alone, but really, it's not like anyone notices (unless you come in after the show starts, hehe). Let us know how it goes, though, since I've been dying to see that show, too.
  15. Go alone! Spot a fab purse during intermission and spark up a conversation with its owner. Have fun, I hear it's great. You will so regret not going.