Should I go back to work or not? Please help

  1. Ok well I was diagnosed with lyme disease a few months back in December (suffered from Oct till then not knowing what was wrong). Well it's been a long road - I failed the first treatment as I couldn't tolerate the antibiotics. I'm on a different set now and am doing ok but have to increase them to get up to a pretty high dose again (amoxicillin) and not sure how I'll do :confused1: Physically I do feel better but get headaches/pains/numbness in certain areas even when I'm doing nothing. It's tolerable but not fun and part of the treatment through the antibiotics as it kills the lyme, detox basically.

    Work has been wonderful - I've been out for 3 months now, since the end of November. What's happening is I'm depressed being home, thinking and dwelling on my illness all the time. I think it's making things worse in my recovery. On the other hand I fear if I go back it'll be too much and set me back. My job isn't very stressful though, office job and not too busy. If I stay out much longer odds are I'm going to lose it for sure (they mentioned last week that if I couldn't come in this week they might not be able to hold my job for me much longer - I'm collecting temporary disability insurance right now supplemented thru work).

    Just curious what you all would do? Looking for some thoughts, words of encouragement :shame:
  2. Go back to work with a modified schedule. Maybe do two or three days a week to start, or do a modified four hour work day for awhile. I think that people do get really depressed when they aren't working (or have some other sort of focus to get them out of the house).

    My mom just underwent a serious surgery and has been out for 3 weeks and scheduled to go back to work in two weeks. She was complaining that she's depressed and doesn't feel like going back. But I told her the same thing... if she gets out of the house and has something else to focus on rather than her recovery she'll feel better.

    It's good that you have a supportive work environment though. A lot of places wouldn't be so generous or supportive. It's understandable that they are anxious to get your position covered again though.

    I say go back. But only if you can physically do so without serious setbacks. Good luck!!! :heart:
  3. Oh, I'm so sorry you have to go through all that! I really beleive that everything will be ok with you. As for work, I think that if staying at home makes you feel depressed and you keep thinking about your desease, you should go back to work. I heard a lot of stories when women with some pretty bad diagnosis went back to work, started to take care about their kids and so on- and they cured! I mean they did not focus on their health, but instead tried to be fighters and help the others. They really felt that other people need them, so they just have no right to feel unwell or to feel sorry for themselves. Maybe I said it a bit confusing, but I tried to express my point.
  4. I would love to go back modified but I'm not sure they'd accept that. I guess all I could do is ask though right? I mean they've been functioning without me all this time. I miss working and the support of my friends too. It keeps my mind busy!!!
  5. I agree with Megan - Getting out of the house and back to your routine at work may be the best thing for you. Would you be able to work a modified schedule?

    Hope everything goes well for you - Best Wishes :flowers:

    ETA: Nothing wrong with asking... They may be so excited to have you back that they will work with you on scheduling issues.
  6. thanks, that's exactly what's happening - depressing is setting in and I can't get my mind off my disease...I hate it! At least if I was at work I wouldn't be dwelling. I wouldn't feel that great but at least I'd be living a somewhat *normal* life again. I feel like I'm living in this sheltered sick world right now and I don't like it :confused1:

  7. Question - would I go to my doctor who has me out on leave about this FIRST and then contact my employer, saying that I'm only allowed to come back to my position 9-1 every day (or 2-3 fulltime days) for about a month? Not sure how this works - my work has been asking for a return to work date, saying they can't hold my job much longer...

    My dr. appt is next Tues so I would need to get word to my work as I wouldn't want to get fired in the meantime :sad:
  8. I would recommend asking your doctor to provide a return to work release with the 4-5 hours per day maximum for a certain number of weeks and upon a future check up then a clean bill of health release after that. I agree, if they have been very accommodating thus far, I am pretty sure they will be thrilled to have you back on a regular part time basis until you are strong enough to resume your full time position.

    I hope it works out for you and that you feel better. I am sure it must be very draining to have this disease. Please take care of yourself.
  9. i am not sure that all places of employment accept restricted work returns. when i was working in the medical field we were sometimes told that the employer does not allow return to work until fully able to function in the former position. i would think that you will have to acess yourself and if you feel able to return ask your doctor for the ok and a return to work slip. i would call in and say i wanted t!o come back and am going to seek return to work from physician. good luck.
  10. thanks everyone for your thoughts. I talked w/HR today and I think they are going to be willing to let me come back part time - 4/5 hour days for a certain time period, to at least let me test the waters. I think it will make me feel better in the long run, make me less depressed. I'll keep you all informed!

    I'm going to my doctor next Tues and he said it's basically up to me when I want to go back - I'm sure he'll provide me with whatever I wish.