Should I go back to the store!

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  1. So after two wears, I realized that there's some threading coming off at the back of the heel and some weird action of the red paint under the stiletto. Any advice?

    Here are some pictures:
    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1465750644.601294.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1465750656.286036.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1465750667.136211.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1465750675.306621.jpg
  2. It is a issue of quality!
  3. Came back. Told it was normal as its hand made and to come back if it ever gets worse.
  4. I would have asked them to switch them out for another pair without the marks
  5. Unfortunately that is somewhat common with CLs.
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  6. Thats why I always closely examine when Im buying a pair... I dont want this kind of surprises :/ I think they can resole the heel part at Minuit Moins 7, I hope the thread is just the loose end and nothing will happen to the shoe!
  7. When I first bought my CL it had almost similar marks like yours. Creasing, bid of thread "hanging out",..I tried to exchange it but it was the last pair in my size, so I ended up keeping it.
    Like some one else said, these "issues" are very common, I compared my shoes to other pairs in the boutique and they all weren't Perfect!
  8. There is a thread where former Louboutin loyalists are ABANDONING Loubies! They are saying they are over-priced given the issues. I kinda agree, I especially am unhappy at the VERY high price, with price increases coming in regularly. I got into Pigalle 120 when they were $575 (previously ~ $500). Now, they increased to $625..then $675 !! This is getting to be a bit too much!

    There IS an issue with QA (Quality Assurance) & QC (Quality Control). I think there is pressure to pump out "quantity" (no Pun intended), at the expense of QA/QC. Being hand-made, Louboutin simply can't compete with mass market shoes. My Love Me 120 black-sparkle (with fancy mesh black with gold lining) literally is peeling off on one heel. No biggie, I can glue it back on. But, still! I shouldn't have to be doing it with a $900 price-point designer pump!

    I totally respect Louboutin for "pushing the limits", however they apparently haven't been SUFFICIENTLY tested in the real world to stand up to long-term use. They sound like "prototype shoes", just like in Automotive where there are Engineering & Validation prototype cars (which undergo extensive Testing before release as a mass-market vehicle)

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  9. Would you be kind to link to that page? Thanks!
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