Should I go ahead to send to her or not?

  1. I sell a GUCCI bag on ebay and today is the last day. Then this guy used buy it now before auction ends. But he has zero feedback and unconfirmed address. My friend in new york helped me check that the unconfirmed address indeed is that company and there is also a person whose name is the receiver of this unconfirmed address. Should I go ahead to send to that unconfirmed address. In m auction, I asked bidder who has zero or negative feedback should contact me first before bidding. And this guy's ebay ID is fom 2003 with zero since then. hmm...really dont know what should I do now,please help...:confused1::crybaby:
  2. You are not protected if you ship to an unconfirmed address. I think most people will not do it. . . . but then again, if theoretcially he paid w/ cash or money order, there wouldn't be a confirmed address anyways would there?

    How is he willing to pay?
    I'd maybe require a money order/cashier's check or wire.
  3. he has p[aid with paypal right after buy it now but with unconfirmed address with his wife's office and her name.:sad:
  4. I wouldn't. There are so many scam artists and PayPal doesn't protect you if you ship to an unconfirmed address. Do you have something in your auction listing that says confirmed addresses only? I would just refund the money; you may also try to do a final value credit fee with eBay (if the buyer did not follow your terms).
  5. Thanks, In my auction, I stated cleared that confirmed address only with paypal and bidder should contact me before placing a bid if he has zero or negative feddback. He meets both terms. I guess I would credit his money and can I get my Final value fee back from ebay if buyer doesn't follow the term?
  6. Chloe, I don't know whether you will get your fees back but it's worth a shot since the buyer did not comply with the terms of the auction. I would contact them (Final Value Fees - see e-mail link at the bottom of the page) and explain what happened.

    Here's the FVF credit page: Requesting Final Value Fee Credits

    Is there any way to make the BIN button PayPal only and restricted to confirmed addresses? I think you can definitely block bidders below a certain feedback in the future (go to your My eBay page). Good luck!
  7. I certainly wouldn't sell to him. I would just refund him & send him a polite email explaining that due to the very high levels of fraud on ebay, you stated clearly in your auction that you would only accept bidders if they had confirmed addesses AND if they had zero feedback, they could bid only by prior arrangement. Unfortunately as he falls into both these categories & failed to meet your terms, as clearly described, you are unable to continue wit hthe transaction.

    I seriously doubt he'll do anything, but even if he does leave you a neg, at least you'll still have you $$$, whihc is a lot more than lots of the girls on here who've been scammed by zero raters with unconfirmed addresses.
  8. Don't do it. After you send the item, chances are, they will file a dispute with paypal (ie., unauthorized used of cc), paypal will reverse the transaction and you will lose b.c you sent to an unconfirmed address. This is what happened to me - even though I provided paypal with the ebay auction # and UPS tracking number (showing item received). Luckily I only lost a used pair of prada shoes that did not fit me, but they cost $300+!