Should i go ahead to make a purchase with Raffaello network???

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  1. Hi, i have checked in the Raffaello network and found out that there is the Mogano flat messenger(that i long for) on sale. So far, i cannot found in elsewhere and AR havn't have that colour. I really want to purchase it. But, i saw other threads that made me hesitate to do it. Just wondering, are their bags authentic? if i pay with paypal(that linked to my CC), they'll just charge me in USD without convert into Euros and billed to my CC statement rightaway, isn't it like that?
    If i really cannot get Mogano. AR have black or Phomb. What would you choose?
  2. i've put in my comments in that other thread linked by maye. i think you just have to be diligent and keep checking your statement to ensure that raffaello doesn't surprise you. i paid by paypal and i could see the charge on my debit card and the amounts tallied. there was quite a long lapse between the time the order was placed and the time the charge was done. so this means constant checking. as far as authencity is concerned, TPF has already listed it as one of the reputable stores.

    really for you to decide, no? plomb's one of the other coveted colours and good leathers of 07.

    ultimately, i'd ask myself do i have the patience to see thru the transaction at raffaello and get the mogano i want, or do i prefer a fuss-free purchase from AR and get black/plomb.
  3. I think Plomb is a gorgeous colour & I am all for hassle free transactions so it would be my choice over Mogano.