Should I go ahead and get a pomme Sarah/pochette wallet?

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  1. I went to LV today to purchase a Monogram Sarah wallet. (After getting advice from the board).

    I told the SA I have both monogram and damier bags she suggested the pomme sarah. I never considered vernis before b/c I feared it was high maintence. The wallet was beautiful :drool:and it felt great holding it. The SA asured me it would be durable and fine for everyday use.

    I know many of you have vernis accesories. How are they holding up to everyday use?TIA
  2. Pomme vernis isnt high maintenance at all. I use my pomme cles everyday and have for the last 2+ yrs... it still looks great. I say go for it!
  3. Oh a Pomme wallet...:drool:

    I say get it!! :graucho:

    I have a few vernis pieces I use and IMO they aren't high maintenance.
  4. Pomme is gorgeous and a great compliment to both mono and damier :smile:
  5. I say go for it! Pomme looks beautiful with mono and Damier! You can't go wrong!
  6. There are soooo many threads on the durability of Vernis, check them out and the Vernis thread in the clubhouse. The SA is telling the truth & not just trying to make a sale...don't forget, LV is making Vernis Pegases.

    The Pomme wallet is delicious! A great pop of color against your Mono & Damier bags! Run to the boutique, get it and post pictures!!!!
  7. Go for the pomme I think Vernis small leather goods are the best they really are beautiful!!!!
  8. I have a beige eldridge (the model was discontinued some time ago) and it has held up amazingly ! I would definitely recommend another vernis wallet, they are much more durable than you think ! :yes:
  9. i think the vernis line is actually quite durable. i don't understand what people talk about when they say it "scratches" i guess if u really stare at a piece, u can see tiny little "scratch"-like looking marks, but nothing that is noticeable and nothing that actually damages the leather (very very superficial and u can't feel them). i was worried at first, but throw my vernis pieces in with keys and the like, and have yet to have any problems! i love vernis as a bit of difference in a sea of mono or damier
  10. Go for it!!!! LOVE POMME
  11. I say go for it, reading all the posts in this thread might have convinced me of buying a Vernis Sarah too lol
  12. I would get it in a heart beat. I have the same wallet in Mono and I regretted not getting it in Pomme 2 years ago. Pomme IMO is the best Vernis color to date. I just took out my Pomme Reade minutes ago (to use tomorrow) and I was looking at it for 10 minutes, need I say more?
  13. I say go for it, reading all the posts in this thread might have convinced me of buying a Vernis Sarah too lol
  14. ITA . I have the Pomme PT International and it is hot! I have gotten tons of compliments and I keep tons of stuff in my purse and there have been no scratches. Much like MatAllston said,Sometimes, I take it out of my purse and just stare at it...I love the color soooo much.
  15. get it!!! i love the vernis especially in pomme. it's not high maintenance at all...i'm actually not sure what people are talking about because i just throw mine around and it still looks practically brand new!!