Should I give up on trying to find the Dark Gold/Bronze Reissue?

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  1. I swear I've been calling all the boutiques and dept stores in California and they keep getting confused on what I'm talking about...the S/S06 dark gold/bronze reissue in 226. :hysteric:

    I even give them the style and color number, but repeatedly get offered the Cruise 2007 Metallic ones, which I already have one of.

    Was this color so popular that it sold out everywhere? Anyone even seen this dark gold/bronze which is more matte than the current metallics?:shrugs:
  2. have you tried the chanel boutique in costa mesa, ca (south coast plaza)? i swear i saw that bag there. this was about 3 weeks ago. maybe i saw the cruise 2007 metallic one though, if they look really similar? hope you find your dream bag soon.
  3. Never give up on finding your dream bag!!!
  4. I just got the 227 size, like 2 days ago. So it can happen. I do know that there was another 227 if you're flexible on the size.
  5. Call Danny at the Seattle Nordstrom Chanel accessories boutique and see if he can help you (206) 628-2111
  6. Ahem! Pictures?:confused1:
  7. Hi Mon, it's in the attachment.
  8. No, sorry I meant Beth. Beth (il*bacio*bella) said she just got one 2 days ago and so I'm giving her a hard time for not posting pictures.:yes:
  9. Never give up on your dream bag! I am hopeful you can still find it. You need to expand your search outside of CA. Have you tried calling the Chanel 800 number? They can at least look up stock at their boutiques. But I have had some luck calling the dept stores with the Chanel boutique. So keep on trying and let us know WHEN you find it! Good luck!
  10. Ähm...I lately "played" with the bronze metallic or dark gold or however it is Chanel Düsseldorf but unfortunately this doesn't help you :sad:

    It's a nice color but I prefer the black one. In general metalic bags remind me of christmas....parties and what else. I would not use them very often.