Should I give this seller more money? Sorry a little long!

  1. So, I purchased a bag on eBay in the US on September 22nd, and paid on the 24th (after informing the seller immediately upon winning I had to wait 48 hours for a transfer to my credit card to happen). I received an email on September 23rd asking if I could pay yet (which I couldn't as I explained in my first email to the seller). I then paid promptly on the 24th when my transfer went through. So far, so good.

    The seller left me feedback on 4th October, saying "good job". Extremely descriptive as you can see.

    As of today, I haven't yet received the bag, but I haven't been too concerned as there has been a postal strike in the UK since Thursday so it's quite possibly waiting for me at the post office.

    Then today, I received an email from the seller saying "
    would you leave positive feedback thx". I emailed them back and said that I would be happy to provide feedback, however the bag hadn't yet been received. I then also asked what date it was posted and if they perhaps had a tracking number they could provide so I could keep an eye out for it. I also mentioned that we had had a postal strike so I was hoping it was just caught up in transit.

    This is the reply I got!

    sent the bag Oct 1..priority int'l 32.00 plus insurance8.70 plus custom form customs postage 28.00..hope this helps the difference if at all possible was 12.70 extra ..can you put that into my paypal account thx...I had to pay that extra...appreciated."

    I paid $30 in shipping, and I'd asked prior to bidding how much shipping would cost. I know it's only $12.70, but surely it's the principle! Also, if the bag had been posted sooner rather than 6 days after I'd paid I'm sure I would have had the bag by now and could have left feedback. This particularly grates me because the seller was completely on top of me to pay, even though I had explained why I kept a separate credit card just for eBay and it would take 48 hours for a transfer to happen. And I got "good job" as feedback....c'mon, surely they could have written at least double that! They only have around 70 feedbacks, so it's not like they're a massive power seller who has 50 rounds of feedback to write each day :nogood:

    What do you guys think? Should I just pay the cash for karma purposes? :tup:
  2. Well, as far as buying goes, you are definitely not obligated to pay her the extra money. However, if you feel it is something that you want to do, then go ahead and do it. She has already left you positive FB so you don't have to worry about that. She's a newer seller, so she probably underestimated shipping.

    The seller was in the US? I'm not sure what she's talking about when she says "customs postage." I send all my bags international express and I don't pay this fee that she's talking about. I hope someone else can shed some light on this topic.
  3. I would never ask anyone for more money for postage. And I regularly underestimate postage -- especially international. I figure that's my fault. (Maybe one day I will get better at it LOL).
  4. Definatly do not pay the extra. This is her mistake not yours and its too late now she has sent it!

    When I ship from UK to US it can take upto 6 weeks. From the US to the UK it is normally done in under 2 weeks.
    I take it she has a tracking number if she has insured it!

    Due to the postal stike in the UK since last Thursday and the current one going on till the early hours of weds, post already in the system in th UK can be back logged for up to a week!
  5. from the numbers in her e-mail, it cost her $40.70 to ship it, and you paid $30, so she actually only lost $10.70 on the shipping. Personally, I wouldn't give her more $$. If I did, it would be once I actually received it.
  6. I just recently sent a seller in the UK an extra $11. Technically, you're not obligated, but to me it's a question of what type of person do you want to be?
  7. :nogood:. I wouldn't. Nor as a seller would I ask the buyer to pay the difference if it wasn't in the auction.
  8. I have often paid more for shipping than I thought it would be, I wouldn't ask the person to put the money in my account...but that is just me.

    I think it is up to you, I might if somebody nicely asked me to, but I would definately wait until you get the bag.
  9. funny- i just sent a bag that i charged 30 shipping for and it turned out to be 50. i would never dream of asking for more money. do i always hope the buyer will see i paid more and give it to me out of the goodness of their heart? of course. but it would never happen. i think it's poor form for her to ask (esp if the math is wrong and i myself have never heard of the customs fee she's asking for) but as everyone said if you want to it would be very nice. i'm sure we've all been in that position at one time or another.
  10. So, are you saying she never mentioned the extra money until you told her you couldn't give her feedback yet cause the bag hadn't arrived and you wanted to check the shipping info?
  11. What is "custom postage"?? Granted I don't sell on eBay - but - reading this forum and the forums on ebay I've never heard of that before. That alone would make me very skeptical of her -- along with the fact that she was pushing op for payment after prior arrangements had been made then not shipping it for a week after payment was made.
  12. You may still have to pay duty on that bag. I wouldn't pay her anymore. It is her responsibility to check postage rates before listing.
    Wait until you get the bag before you do anything, which ever way you decide.
  13. I don't think there is such a thing called custom charge. I shipped international before but never have to pay for that. Honestly, I don't think you should send more money. I think it's like a contract. Once you agreed one the shipping charges. You are not obligated to pay more. I know it does not sound very nice but if the charges were less, she would not definitely give you a refund.
  14. I'm really bad at estimating shipping costs and have often charged the buyer less than actual shipping costs. I would never ask for the buyer to pay the difference. I just think that the amount to be paid was agreed upon beforehand and unless there was a change in the mode of shipping then it's the seller's responsiblity to stay within the agreed cost. If she really wants you to pay the extra amount (Granted it's only $10) I would at least wait till the package arrives and also check out the actual shipping charges posted on the item.
  15. I think I will wait until the package arrives and see how much postage she paid. I think it's just her tone that has irked me a little. Before the auction ended and I was asking questions about the bag she was all lovely and sweet, and as soon as I'd won the auction her emails became practically incoherent! If I'd seen it costed her extra when I received the package I would have offered if it hadn't been for her I might just wait it out.

    On another note, how annoying is this stupid Royal Mail strike! Don't they know I have precious cargo coming to me? :p