should I give my friend the bag ??

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  1. OMG I have alot of LV store bags but I like to keep them with what I bought from the store (I love the memories)...well 1 week ago when I bought my Cles I was given 2 small LV store bags, one for my luggage tag and one for my cles. I was on the train and one of my friends said "can I have that store bag since you've got two" so I said "No" but I felt so mean...then as we were chatting she said "you only like to keep them to show everyone that you go Louis Vuitton"...then she said "you're not the only person who goes cousin and my brother both have LV belts" :wtf: ...I was like thinking OK go and get a bag from them then...but I was so hurt over what she said . But afterwards she said that "its only a store bag and I want it to show off"....I just thought "NO you're not having it to show off". But now I feel mean that I didnt give it her...afterall its only a store bag and I think the belts her brother and cousin have got are fake. So heres the question...should I have given her the store bag or not ?? :smile:
  2. Why not give her the bag if you know it will make her happy?:idea:
  3. I think it would be sweet of you to give it to her
  4. yeah but she likes to show off so much and will lie and tell people she buys lots from LV. Like when I took her into the store she said "its too posh in here for me" and I just know that she will lie to everyone.
  5. ages ago, when I went skiing with her, I took my keepall with me and she said to me "I used to be mad on Louis Vuitton and have everything"...I knew she was lying since I had never ever seen her with Louis Vuitton let alone anything else designer...but I feel so mean :sad:
  6. Although I can't honestly understand why someone would want an LV shopping bag to show off, I don't see the harm in giving her one if you a bunch of them.
  7. I think she's jealous of all the bags that you've got...(handbags and shopping bags) but if she really wants it that much, why not give her one?
  8. At least she is not the one parading fakes around so I don't really see much harm in letting her live a bit of a fantasy
  9. I would give it to her, this way you can show off together :P
  10. That's a statement on her not on you if she chooses to use the storebag as a lame trophy. It'd be sweet of you to give it to her since it would give her much'd probly make you feel better than having to obsess over whether you should have given her a paper bag! ( which you can easily get !)
  11. its an extra shopping bag that would make her happy. who cares what she does with it
  12. I'd give her the bag, if fronting is her thing - then so be it. If her saying things like that really does bother you, it's not just an issue with the bag..
  13. lmao yeah, but seriously you guys are right But I just get the feeling that she will take a store bag too I understand that she may be jealous and I try not to parade around with my bags etc. But she allways asks prices and wants to know where, what and when I got my bag/wallets. I will give her the bag but I know that when we go out with our friends or we see people we know, she will bring the store bag lmao (im sorry I find it funny) and she will say "yes I went LV the other week and bought blah blah blah" :P I'll give it her this week
  14. Your friend sounds shallow and petty and whiny and manipulative. If you don't need the bag give it to her. But is this really the kind of person you want to hang out with?
  15. Well this is what Im thinking...Ive known her for a while now and were in a sort of group. When we first became friends she was very nice and talked alot about her fave designers and I thought that was when we had something in common. But Now I see her as very pushy and manipulative and she has never really had anything designer (she seems to lie alot). When I went on Holiday with her (this year was skiing in france)...she likes to know everything about my LV and wants to know where, what and when I got it lol. When we make new friends on holiday she likes to tell them about my Louis Vuitton and even took some guys (were only 16) in our room to see my bag and they were like "wow 50 cent has one of those...its way cool"...which I wasnt that bothered that she was showing then and I wasnt bothered what they thought...But when we are out and I have LV she seems very jealous and trys her best to make out that she has better than me (even though she doesnt)...but what can I do ? we've been friends some years now :sad: