Should I Get....

  1. the epi speedy 30 in moka, mandarin or red?
  2. me like red and number 1
  3. moka's so pretty
  4. Moka all the way!
  5. I like 25 in bright color like mandarine and red. MOka is doable in 30 for me.

    I love my red speedy 25, I don't mind to get moka in 25..the color reminds me big block of chocolate.
  6. Well...since I just bought red...I'm going to vote for RED!
  7. another vote for red!!
  8. RED!!! :smile:
  9. Another for red!!
  10. mandein.. i have it and its TO DIE FOR!!
  11. Moka!
  12. Mandarin. I would love to get one myself!
  13. i'd go for the Moka :P
  14. Mandarin.
  15. red