should i get....

  1. GH part-time or GH city in the new fall color of violet?
    i am on the order list (or so they say)

    I will not be wearing this everyday

    I already have
    GH Vert Gazon City
    RH Lilac Weekender (not GH)
    GH White Part-Time
    GH Cafe Work

    anyone want to recommend another Fall color that you love?
  2. I would get the Part-Time!! I :heart: that style!! :yes:
  3. Well, since you already have both styles in GH, what do you think of them? Which do you prefer to carry?
  4. i guess i am going with the part-time - my white part-time is just that - I wear it only part-time and I probably will do the same with the violet - i like all of the BBag styles - its hard to decide - thanks for your help!
  5. city!