Should I get...

  1. The mono speedy 30 thats on let-trade right now? Its the first one hes had in the last month...should I wait for one with a lighter patina or this one is fine? TIA:smile:
  2. If you prefer one with the lighter patina wait for one.
  3. I was thinking about maybe getting the handles changed ...but I heard let-trades pics are darker than IRL.. is this true?
  4. I would wait for another to come around with lighter handles. ;)
  5. I would also wait for one with a lighter patina.
  6. I vote for lighter too :smile:
  7. I wouldve said that like a month ago but that was when he was getting like mono speedy 25/30 like twice a week ...this is the 1st one since like around feb 17th ..and I need it before may because I leave for the summer. ...WHAT TO DO!?
  8. I would wait for lighter patina.
  9. I would wait. The handles are pretty dark.
  10. Hmmm, the handles are pretty dark. I think I would wait for another one that at least has a little lighter patina. Good Luck! :flowers:
  11. Have you checked He has A LOT of Speedy 30's and some w/ light patina! Good luck!
  12. I was thinking about getting just the handles changed which is like 145$ ....hmmm....ill think about it thanks for the responses guys :smile:
  13. Too late to get it someone else already picked it up! :nuts: I was gonna get it this morning lol ill wait for the next one, thanks for your responses guys!
  14. I think you will be much happier with lighter that you and your bag and go through the patina process together.
  15. I see them all the time from good sellers on eBay and there are many that have a nice light patina.