Should I get.....

  1. I love the Barratt ones but being white I'd worry about getting them dirty easily. My next pic would be the gold/khaki combo just because that's one of my favorite color combinations! Depends on your wardrobe too, what would look best with what you have?
  2. I tend to wear jeans, black pants and solid colored tops in pretty feminie colors. Casual wear basically. Do you think the khaki/gold would go because it is neutral?
  3. The khaki/gold would be great with jeans and any girly colors :smile:
  4. hmmm depends, do you have ANY coach sneakers? and what color are your bags? Because if you have 4 pair of plain coach (ie plain colors-black/brown) then you should get the white ones...but if you dont have any coach tennies then get the brown ones....but if you only have a white purse get the white ones

    whewwwwwww this is hard work hahah jk :smile:

    i personally think the white ones are cuter....if you want a pair in khaki, you can ALWYAS find another style later ;)
  5. I love the white, but I'd go with the khaki/gold because they match with more outfits. I have the scribble sneakers from last year, and well... they got dirty way too fast lol :yes:
  6. Thanks for all the help!!! I think I have made my mind up.:smile:
  7. Out of those choices, I would get the Dalias in khaki/gold....
  8. what are you going to get?
  9. Well, I called back and asked if they had the Dalia and they have to order them and I hate waiting and my eye was drawn to the scribble so I will stick to the Barrett. :0)
  10. great choice! :smile: I'm sure it will be perfect for spring/summer!