Should I get White or Yellow Trench Coat?

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Should I get the trench coat in white or yellow

  1. Go for the white and wear it even after Labor Day

  2. Go with the yellow as it is more transeasonal

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  1. Interested in some opinions. I am going to get a new trench coat and I really like this one from Nordstrom:

    When I saw it, my first impulse was to go for the white since it would go with everything. Where I live trench coats are of more use in the months of March-April and again in October-November. A white coat in the fall though....

    I love the tangerine, but it would not go with as much in my wardrobe and I don't think it goes with my complexion as well. I also love the yellow which would go with more and I could wear in the fall. It is a strong color, though and I have several shoes with strong colors (pink, red, turquise etc) and am getting some bags with strong colors.

    Black is not an option.

    So white or yellow?
  2. It depends on the rest of your wardrobe and what you want to wear the trench with - I really like the yellow, but it's a color that's not going to go with everything.

    I think you could easily wear the white after Labor Day because the trench is such a classic piece, but you'd have to be really careful with it so that it stayed that crisp looking.
  3. I think yellow trenches rae so fun, I've seen a ton of really beautiful bright yellows out this season, and I'm in love!
  4. Definitely yellow, I had a yellow mac before and loved it....even looks good in winter worn with black
  5. I'd go with the yellow - it's a softer color and you'll be surprised at how much it will coordinate with in your wardrobe.
  6. I prefer it in white, but I wouldn't wear it past the first week of September.
  7. if the yellow one was brighter, i would've said yellow.
    but the canary yellow looks plain. . so ill pick WHITE.
  8. i think YELLOW. It depends on your skin tone an hair colour though.
  9. Love the white, it is classic & goes with everything, only problem is trying to keep it clean :yes:
  10. white
  11. I said yellow, but not really because it's more trans-seasonal.
    If anything, the white would be that. I won't get into my whole no-white-after-labor-day-spiel.
    I think the yellow would look nice with a variety of spring/summer/fall colors, and would stand out, but it doesn't seem like such a bold color that you'd get bored of it fast. White is pretty predictable for a trench.
    But if you're looking for something to wear in winter as well, go with the white.
  12. I like the yellow one better.