Should I get Violette Chevre Karo PM?

  1. I love Violette in my Thill (CC Card) but should I also get Karo PM in Violette? Should I get it in other colors? If yes, what color do you suggest? :p:p

  2. I think your rainbow would benefit from some rose shocking!
  3. LOL...I was thinking the same thing, Rose...
  4. Thank you, Rose and SoCal. I'm not a pink person but it seems that people love Rose Shocking.... I might have to give it a try.....

    Rose, I think you have Karo PM in RS, correct? How do you like it? Is the color too loud?

    Thank you.... :heart:
  5. How about BJ??!!
  6. LOL...I am not a pink person either...would never purchase it for my own use...just looking at your pic trying to decide what bright colors were missing... RS is absolutely brilliant and gorgeous if you like pink/fushia!

    I keep trying to think of another "dark" color for my own bag...thinking about rouge H...I have brighton blue, raisin, and black...
  7. Another vote for Rose Shocking!!!!!
  8. I vote for Blue Jean or even.... black!
  9. I'm with every one else....Rose Shocking....

  10. I love the RS, not too loud at all. I think it will make the other colors in your rainbow pop too. RS is just one of those colors that make you happy...
  11. [​IMG][​IMG]
  12. Rose shocking looks great with your rainbow!
  13. RS :yes: or BJ/another blue
  14. [​IMG]
  15. Rose, You are fabulous!!! Love the simulation!!!