Should I get those shoes?

  1. I am wondering if I should get these....they are really sexy with metal tassel decorations on the doesn't show well in the pic. They are a little more than 150 and everything is genuine leather and satin over leather except the outer sole(the part that touches the ground)is some synthetic meterial. I have been spoiled with all my name brand shoes such as louboutins, but I cannot get louboutins all the time..they are so expensive...and these caught my eyes!

    I think they are really sexy with the tassels moving as I walk. What do you all think?

    Opinions Plz before I splurge!
    secy satin shoes.jpg
  2. One more pic.!
    sexy satin shoes 2.jpg
  3. I think they could look hot with a dress
  4. I love , love, love red shoes.
    I think with any shoe you should know straight away if they are for you or not. That said, you can never really have too mant shoes!:yes:
  5. Of course you should!they are super hot!
  6. they look sexy fantastic - go for them ! :drool:
  7. :heart:LOVE THEM! Now who are they by?