Should I get this?

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  1. Let me know your thoughts of this bag, this would be my first chevron. Should i get it?


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  2. [​IMG]
  3. My question would be : Do you Love it?
  4. Yes, if you love it. I think it's gorgeous!!
  5. I personally love this series and navy/ghw combo, but it's your choice!

  6. Is this the new medium size? I just got the black in old medium today. Just started a new thread. Have a look :smile:
  7. Yes! I got the same bag. It is stunning irl. The navy and gold combo is lovely.

  8. Love navy with gold!
    Tell me how's your bag holding up? I just bought mine today....are you doing anything special to treat the suede strip? Or protecting it any way?
    Thanks :smile:
  9. I got it about a week ago and have been sick since, so not been able to wear it yet. I think I will protect it though, especially with it having suede. I usually just use a spray- either Collonil or Apple Garde

  10. +1!!!

    Great gif!!

  11. Oh oh! Hope you get better soon! :smile: take care of yourself :smile:

    I haven't ever treated any of my Chanel bags ever. Have been too apprehensive regarding the same. But I'd like to start with this one....don't know what products to pick up here in India as these aren't available here....
  12. This bag isn't really my jam BUT if you love it you should absolutely get it!
  13. I like it...
  14. LOVE the colour/hardware combo and such a unique take on the chevron quilting! So yes :smile:
  15. #15 Apr 12, 2016
    Last edited: Apr 12, 2016
    I am going the opposite view...I find the multiple leather combination too 'busy'?