should i get this?

  1. I wanted to get this while i was in the store last week, and it looks GORGEOUS in person. Online it's so so.

  2. Its so cute! Love that color.
  3. That is prettY! You should get it!
  4. i LOVE the punch...and the demi is adorable!
  5. oh man you guys are convincing. i just might have to! hehehe...i was just pondering if the color is to trendy? :p
  6. I love the punch color! I want the mini skinny in that pattern and color. I may try to pick it up tomorrow.
  7. its cute, id get it
  8. very cute!
  9. Definitely --- love that color! :yes:
  10. It's so cute- I'm not the biggest fan of sig or the stripe, but I am loving the punch, especially in that style. Go for it!

    Of course, you didn't expect us to talk you out of a purchase, did you?
  11. I love that! I would buy it in a heartbeat if it was a little bit bigger.
  12. I agree with Bethy, if it was just a tad bigger I would so get it, but since it isnt I wont...I think I'm getting the wristlet and mini skinny in punch though...BUT you are right it is MUCH more beautiful in person. (ps we wont really ever talk you out of a bag.)
  13. I think it's beautiful in the picture so I can only imagine how good it looks in person! definitely get it. I don't think the color is trendy. I love pink and wear it all the time. :p
  14. One word.....yes.
  15. I think it is adorable!! :yes: