should i get this?

  1. in bloomindales riverside, there is this MJ gold tote for 278, its gold, im not sure what its called becvuase i have no clue about it but i need a big bag like that..but again its much staying power? tyhink i should get it?
  2. If it's the Military tote, those were pretty nice, but I don't know about the gold color. I think it was available in bronze also, which looked gold but much more muted than the actual gold. If it was the bronze, I would go for it, but the gold, I might pass... Too bright in my opinion. Tough decision!

    As they always say, if you don't love it, then don't get it.
  3. i liked it, it wasnt very flashy to me, and it was light and i only have small bags, but also thinking i could maybe pick up a small stam..but that would be pushing it..well i dont know lol! ill forget it and decided monday after work

    ahaha yeah right..more like thinking about it night and day..
  4. is it a metallic leather or canvas? if canvas I would say yes if leather I would say maybe
  5. i think it might be a thin leathr
  6. oh wait now that i think about it it could have been like a gold dusted suede type of material.
  7. is it a military bag like thithi suggested? either way, go for it! it sounds like you really like it and it's not too flashy
  8. no but its really cute! maybe ill feel different if i see it again?
  9. The dusted gold color sounds more like the bronze Military. I really wanted the bronze hobo style but they sold out at the boston MJ store when I called. The tote was cute too but I already have too many totes so I passed on it. Otherwise, I would have gotten it!

    The Marc by Marc Jacobs bag is cute, but it IS big. If the bags are on sale, you better hurry and make your decision because they'll get snatched up quick!
  10. Is this the tote? on the Bergdorf Goodman site:
    This is the gold, not the bronze.
  11. no it was a simple one,i was surprised it was mj, but i cant find the pict online, i just remember it was 278$