Should I get this ???

  1. Hi ladies,

    I saw this in and I like the unique floral design on the shoe. But, at the same time, the heel looks quite fragile and breakable :s. What do you'll think? Should I get it? Do you'll think this shoe might be comfortable?

  2. Go for it, they're pretty.
  3. Those are amazing, depending on how much they are... Go for it
  4. Definitely get them, they're a piece of art :love: And of the practical front, the heels are reinforced so should be fine. Go for it, you'll regret it if you don't.
  5. Sure to become a collectors item.....stunning!
  6. Absolutely get them - they're totally gorgeous!
  7. I just placed the order! ;) I hope they'll fit and I will post pictures when I get them. Thanks for all your opinions, ladies :flowers:
  8. Hot.
  9. Wow, I havent seen anything like those before, very interesting! They do look a bit fragile
  10. They indeed look a bit fragile, but I love them. They're supercute.
  11. They're beautiful!
  12. wow..those are hot! love them and they're sure to be a stand-out piece in your wardrobe. I admit they do look a bit fragile, but I assume they'd be "special occasion" versus "running-on-the-sideway-to-catch-a-cab" type shoes?