Should I get this???

  1. You know, I like the bag, but it depends how you wear it. It could look fun and iconic with the right outfit, but could look "old" with the wrong one, if ya know what I mean...
  2. i soooo know what you mean... =) .. so should i?

    or should I just go with the pink lambskin with heart chains?
  3. I think the pink would look much more youthful, and if you get this one you will end up wanting the pink one anyway. But I know where you are coming from, you want to buy something NOW!
  4. hhhaa.. they are both on ebay now... so i can't decide..
  5. I like pink best
  6. i love the cream. But I'd hold out for your love.
  7. If it is your style and it fits with your life, I think you should go for it!