Should i get this??

  1. I say No.
  2. it's ok, not a must have.
  3. No, its a no impact buy.
  4. i'm inclined to say no, but that's just me. However, if you've had your eye on it for a long time (as u say in your post), then why not get it?
  5. Another no
  6. I don't think it would be very practical, and you would have to hold it all the time, just think if it is full of stuff. Plus the handles do not even look comfortable. The way it is designed, it looks like your fingers would get numb after awhile.
  7. with that price, i think no wrong of buying this esp if u've been looking for this for some times :yes:
  8. Another No as well...what do you like about it? Maybe the ladies here can suggest something else for you thats similiar but more useful?
  9. It appears the ladies in the know think your $$$$ would be better spent elsewhere....I guess it is now up to you....mind over matter and heart.

    It doesn't speak to me - but you are the one who has to love it.

    Good luck with your decision.;)
  10. Thanks everyone ;) but just one more question why is everyone saying no?? Is it ugly..I just wanted to know?? Should i just get a i know i shouldn't say this here LOL..
    Lv Speedy 30 or a Pochette in the Azur?? Or the Mono Speedy 30?? Which do you guys think??
  11. ^^^^ I don't think it's ugly, but not stunning either. The main thing for me is it just looks uncomfortable to carry.
  12. No for me too...

    I prefer Lv Speedy 30 or a Pochette in the Azur
  13. I don't think it is ugly - just no "pop" to it. But I am like a cat - I like a bit of hardware to sparkle....:yes:
  14. hmm given a choice, i'd get either one of the LVs over this chanel, but again, i think it all comes down to personal preference. i personally prefer the LVs to this particular chanel (and normally this would never happen), but the main thing is, you'll be the one with the bag, so go with whichever one you love more! :yes: good luck!