should i get this?

  1. When I click on the link it doesn't show up, can repost it. Thanks!
  2. The link does not work
  3. it is 488 plus 20% off- 13x8
  4. I love the style, but I'm not a fan of the color. I can never seem to make green work with most items in my wardrobe, but if you can then you should go for it!
  5. I like it! Very classic style. And I find that my green bag goes with almost everything! I believe the clasp is a piston closure - it just pushes in, and then you push a botton to release.
  6. I like the style but I have a bag like this and the clasp drives me crazy, it is hard to access items in a hurry
  7. ^^yeah, i've tried this claps out before and it does drive me nuts....
    with a clasp like that, i'd always end up leaving it undone.... :sad:
    but the style is a classic one and it seems like you'd get a great deal on it! why not just go for it!
  8. I would only get that bag as a statement bag. If that makes sense. It wouldn't be an everyday bag. Just something I would wear once in a while to help make my outfit "jump out"!!
  9. I tried one on in the store and the inside of my arm rubbed against the clasp and bugged me.
  10. i'm not fond of the color.
  11. that's a great price for a leather jackie-o. which website is it listed on?
  12. *************?
  13. it is blocked-maybe a bad site? i don't know