Should I get this wristlet?

  1. I don't need another wristlet, but I think the color is just so pretty! :nuts: Should I go for it??

    (pic from eBay) (eBay member cardo7)
  2. Any opinions please??
  3. i love coach wristlets and the fact that their price is affordable and some cute designs too.. i would say go for it!!!!!!!!
  4. I agree...go for it!
  5. If you can afford it, go for it! Wristlets are so useful, you can use it like a little clutch or a wallet or a make up bag! That one is very pretty!
  6. yes, that's a pretty wristlet go for it!
  7. ooh i loveeeee the colour, definitely go for it!
  8. It's adorable! Go for it!
  9. Go for it! I love the red.
  10. I have to say....that is the perfect color red...and my favorite color of all time! :heart:
  11. I always say go for a wristlet, but I;m not overly fond of that one.
  12. I just got it!
  13. Thanks for your opinions ladies!
  14. Congrats, its a pretty color. Is it suede? If so then I have it in purple. It fits nicely in all my bags. Enjoy!
  15. beautiful!