Should I get this watch? my last chance for Frivolous shopping before Xmas List

  1. Ok, this will be my last purchase for 2007 on myself before I get to shopping for fam and friends (can you believe I havent even started?)

    Please give me you HONEST opinion on this watch.

    Im 23 years old and a fan of Hello Kitty for those who dont know.

    Tell me if you think it might be worth the purchase or just hold out! Thanks in advance
  2. how about this beauty?
  3. VERY CUTE!!! both of them,I love Hello Kitty,Pucca and things like that! If the price is big I might hesitate,as re-sale on these things is likely to be to a small audience?Mind you,I think its more popular in the US. If you are not planning to move them on either is really cute!!!

    Why don't you try a Hello Kitty site and see if any other bits have come up and ask how much the original cost was and how much they are going for now?xxxxxxxxx
  4. If you love Hello Kitty and really want it, I say why not, if it is in your budget. The watch is cute and even if you move on, so to say, from Hello Kitty, you could always wear it on the weekends, even if it was no longer your "thing."
  5. That is the cutest thing! I'ld get it! Reminds me of my childhood days when i went nuts over Hello Kitty starting at the age of 7!!! Im 34 now and still love it! :girlsigh:
  6. Is that KLS? Although I think her stuff is adorable, I find it way overpriced. Have you looked on eBay? You could probably find it cheaper than retail. Then again if you love it, get it.

  7. yes it is KLS. I never thought of looking on eBay. how would I know it would be authentic? thanks for the idea, cheaper is always good to my ears. :tup:
  8. Neiman Marcus and Simmons Jewelry websites have lots of HK watches, etc. I think you should go for it!
  9. I think that it is cute! If you can afford to get it, go for it!
  10. I love it!!! I say go for it! Treat yourself, it's beautiful! :smile:
  11. if it is what you wanted, then get it!
  12. I love the watch, it's really cute.
  13. I like the necklace better. The watch is cute, too, but it seems like an overpriced "inspired" version of the Chanel J12...

    BTW, I love HK, too! (If you couldn't already tell from my avatar) :p
  14. I love Hello Kitty too!! Anyway I really like both, have eyed the necklaces up myself many times. Tough call, I have a Tag and a Rolex and I love them so I would probably not consider the watch but if you need a watch it is adorable. I think I say necklace, it's just too much fun and maybe more timeless then the watch.....
  15. I like them both too but I would not wear them, I am after all 5 years older than you so there you go. But if you love hello kitty go for it, they are super cute.