should I get this two tone cerf tote?

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  1. I would love to hear opinions of those who have this bag.
    Is this a heavy one? Can it be worn comfortably on the shoulder? will there be any color transfer? please share your thoughts.

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  2. i don't have one but i think it definitely can be worn on shoulder
    i;m not really into the colour imho :sad:
  3. Am not a fan of it, but get it if you love it.
  4. I love the cerf tote, but currently have no use for one. You should get it if you love it, because it's practical and seems to wear very well. I'm a black bag sort of girl though, so I wouldn't get much use out of a pink bag. Does anyone know the name of this specific version? I know it's not in the classic ligne.
  5. Sorry but I am not a fan of it
  6. I think it is kinda cute. Go for it if you love it. That said... I think I read that cerf totes are kinda heavy?
  7. I have been thinking about that bag in black/white. It does not fit over your shoulder and I don't find it that heavy.
  8. ohhhh I love the color! Go for it!!!
  9. ^I love the color too! I'm considering the white/black one as well.
  10. I am usually a pink anything fan but this color combo isn't doing it for me. However, if you love it, you should go for it.
  11. im not liking this.
  12. I like it but I'm not loving it.
  13. This bag may have been on sale recently...I think it is a nice bag, but probably wouldn't stay in your collection forever, unlike a classic color
  14. I like it!
  15. I happen to think it's gorgeous! :smile:

    I stand by the advice I always give...unless there is debilitating factor (like color transfer, fragility, etc.), if you like the bag, get it. :smile: There are three types of people in the world when it comes to their perception of your bag: they will 1) love it 2) hate it 3) be indifferent about it. So as long as you are happy, that's what's important. :smile: