Should i get this spy or not?

  1. I 've just found myself so in love with spy bags. I found one good bargain of this spy that nicky is carrying. It's on sale in a shop in my city.It costs around 450 pound or 826$. The problem is i want a classic bag which i can use forever not too trendy.

    Do you think it can be a classic bag? Should i get it?

  2. Its a great price.
    I love the bag very much.

    I guess it depends on whether it goes with what you usually wear as to whether it could become a bag you could use all of the time.

    I would definitely go for it (personally!) :smile:
  3. If you love it, you should, no question. It's a really good price for a great bag
  4. Love the price, not the bag. It's hard to clean, but for the price, I'll get it anyway.
  5. If you really like it you should get it. As far as being a classic or trendy IMO the all leather Spy is more of a classic.
  6. I love this bag..I'm not sure how 'classic' it is, but its a gorgeous bag.
  7. i think its really cute for warm weather/something by the sea.. i think the stripes give off a 'yacht' type feel... so in that way its kinda classic..... :smile:
  8. Thanks girls for all your opinion. I think i have doubts on the use of this bag. I think i 'd better save a bit more money (Not really a bit) to buy a leather spy.
  9. i would save too and get a leather spy :rolleyes:
  10. Why not save even more and get a Wisteria Spy. ;) *nods
  11. The price is good. But the bag is hard to keep clean. Handles are white and braided, any dirt getting into it is hard to clean. Well,, sometimes beautiful bag is not practical...:graucho:
  12. That's my dream bag...I went to the shop and tried it on. I almost faint. The leather is so soft and yummy but the price is not very attractive as you all know.
  13. It's great for spring and summer, get it!:yes:
  14. it's a very cute bag, but would you really wear it during winter?!?!:shrugs:
    maybe a leather spy would be a pass-par-tout!
  15. I love this bag. Only reason i didn't get that particular bag is because i have a 'denim' bag already. I got the wisteria. Good pricepoint though.. it's a hard decision!