Should I get this scarf?

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  1. The first scarf is really long!!! I think I would go for the second one! They are both really cute!
  2. I agree with abitzberger... the first scarf is pretty and will contrast rather nicely with the chocolate Carly but it is too long. Your second scarf choice will look just as nice on your Carly.
  3. I agree with the second one also. The ponytail scarves are the way to go when you want to tie something onto a bag.
  4. Yeah, the second one has a richer color to it & is shorter. Check out my pic below, I have a ponytail scarf tied to the bag in the middle & i believe it's the same size as the second scarf you posted. it's a great way to add spunk to a bag :smile: good luck bidding & congrats!!!
  5. I much prefer the ponytail scarf!!! Hope you win!
  6. hurry you only have 11 minutes left. you should get it, its a good price.
  7. Did you get one?!