should i get this prada- it's on sale!

  1. please help me decide? it was $2095 marked down to $1394. what do you gals think? thanks!

  2. Oooohhhhh, I like it alot!! :okay: My vote is "Get it!!!" :tup:
  3. It's a really pretty neutral- if you think you'll get lots of use of it, I'd get it. The only negative thing would be that it looks like it'd susceptible to pen marks and stains.
  4. of course u should....i have a similar one in very good as an everyday bag!!!
  5. Love It!
  6. I'm with Valley -- it think it's light enough to easily get stained which doesn't make it a great every day bag (like it's cousin in black would be) -- it's still 1400 -- which can buy a lot of Prada bag unless you're in love
  7. You MUST get this bag: it's lined in LEATHER and smells like heaven!! It's so soft too, that when you take the stuffing out, it literally falls into a puddle of soft leather. :tender:

    I had the pure ecstasy of man-handling this same bag in the spring. It's heaven, pure heaven, but it was full price then, so I let it go.
  8. thanks for everyone's input. i decided to pass because after i browse around and saw pics of liv taylor's bag, i'm in love with that one. hopefully i can find one.....