should i get this paul smith wallet and/or clutch?

  1. [​IMG]
  2. both are cute :P
    but if i have to choose one, i'll go for the clutch
  3. Hi aarti, the clutch is cute. How much is it (and the wallet)? As you well know, I love to recommend indie designers (and some on etsy - they are talented) :smile:

    I like this little wallet but Maggie Sue does not ship internationally.

    maggiesuedesigns's Etsy Shop - WALLET pink and green floral snap wallet holds cards money and more

    Have you looked at Poesis clutches (available on poesisonline as well as ebags):

    Poesis Billie Check Clutch - Fabric > Ladies Clutch Wallets > Ladies Wallets - eBags

    Poesis Mini - Fabric > Fabric Handbags > Handbags - eBags

    Leather & Fabric Handbags, Purses, Shoes, Belts & Hats by Poesis

    Claire Sanchez does a few clutches like the Lani:
    Claire Sanchez

    What do you think of this wallet on purplepinkandorange?
    PURPLEPINKANDORANGE.COM - handmade goods galore
  4. I LOVE that wallet--the colors are so happy! That'd be great with any purse and would add some style and flair!
  5. passerby, those are cute clutches!
  6. Seahorseinstripes, yes they are cute. And reasonably-priced as well :smile:
  7. i love both, the clutch is adorable! how much are they?
  8. hey passerby, thanks for the suggestions! the fabrics look adorable. as for the business card, you know that thread by someone else that you suggested these vintage clutches in black? i've been emailing with the woman who runs the site, and shes keeping an eye out for a black clutch for me, and also has some great vintage cigerette cases she's going to take pictures of in the next couple of weeks. so thanks for helping me indirectly! lol.
  9. as for the prices i didnt convert it yet, isnt the conversion 1.23 pounds for every dollar? my rule of thumb when im browsing lol is just doubling the price. if that doesnt scare me away then i sleep on it and then convert it lol, so i will do that shortly and post it.
  10. OMG aarti!! the one u posted with the cat staring at the door <<thats a cat right? loool is SO:huh::huh::huh:o:huh: adorable!! :yahoo:
    get it!! :love:
  11. lol yeah its a little black cat, its described as a hollywood scene.
  12. Both are wonderful!
    I'd choose the wallet, love the colors :girlsigh:
  13. Aarti, vintage rules :smile: Thanks for being such a good sport putting up with my suggestions. Hope you find the bag/clutch of your dreams. Meanwhile, there's a sale on 2freshpetunias bags: (she uses such cute fabrics):

    2 Fresh Petunias
    Garden party clutch now $25-60

    2 Fresh Petunias
    Razzmataz clutch now $25-60