Should I get this patchwork swingpack?

  1. What are your opinions on the patchwork swing pack? Are they hard to take care of b/c of the different materials and stitching? Will they go out of style?
  2. I think they look good and they're certainly afforable--I believe they are $99 at the outlet with an additional 20% off = $80! so I wouldn't necessarily worry about it being trendy or hard to take care of--it looks great and it's not a price that will make you fret
  3. I've got a few patchwork bags...and I think they hold up really well. I think you should go for it!
  4. bloomies is having a big sale on that, plus with the private sale and everything
  5. it's a very cute swing pack and probably very practical. if it's in your price range, i say go for it.
  6. Yeah i agree, you shouild get it!!