Should I get this or THIS??? lol

  1. My taste varies quite a bit depending on my mood thereby changing day to day and I have a hard time choosing. I'm on a roll here, this month I'm spending like no other and I suppose I'll do so until I get everything on my wishlist or go broke trying, whichever comes first:sweatdrop:.

    I guess I feel rushed because I don't want these to go out of which one should I get? Squirrel denim spy or LV amarante vernis brentwood? Don't be partial! I couldnt post this on LV bc I feel more at home at fendi:tender:

    I dont want to miss out on the cute squirrels because its rather unique,(dont hate on the denim now, think squirrels) and I dont want to miss out on this
    limited amarante color. I would get both but I'm sure one will be out of stock before the other so I don't want to wait! Its hard because they're 2 completely different bags..Help an addict out:yes:
    0431067657652_275x275.jpg p11137408_ph_althero_Amarante.jpg 550244178_7d57521683_o.jpg
  2. Knee - Even as hard core of a Fendi addict as I am, this is a tough choice!! I'm a real sucker for the LV vernis in deep colors like that. I have a Bronze LV houston out on my desk at all times, just to admire it!!:nuts:
  3. Personally I really really do not like LV (so glad we're in the Fendi forum else I'd get hunted down and killed) but in this case I would go with the LV. If I had to choose between the 2.
  4. ^ lol!

    i love the spy but between those i say amarante, the color is TDF.
  5. Between the two, I love the LV brentwood. The new amarante color is tdf.........
  6. LV amarante vernis brentwood
  7. im all for the fendi spy.. but i think this one is a bot of mistake .. (now i hope i dont get killed) so yeah the LV vernis :biggrin:
  8. awww:sad: I'm not all about denim either but was in love with the little squirrels. I hadn't even noticed them at first but when I did I fell for it. But yeah..I suppose I could enjoy the LV longer, hope I'm not making the wrong choice. I am SO indecisive! Thanks anyway everyone!
  9. Amarante....The color is so lovely it just makes me say OH MY! everytime I see it! I was on the LV site today and noticed a bowling bag (looked like) in this color and god its was just wonderful! I vote lv!
  10. The LV is a beauty...trendy yet classy...but I have to go with the spy. Not b/c I'm a Spy lover though. I actually was never too fond of the squirrel spy. But now that I look at has a very classic look....and the colors are earth tones. I think it is more versatile ans subtle than the LV.

    The LV is shiny and a bit flashy. U couldn't wear it as many places with as many outfits. Just my humble opinion.

    I don't think you'll go wrong either way. If price is a factor....I understand why you hesitate to get the spy. Not sure what the LV goes for.

    Good Luck! Tell us what happens :p
  11. They're both so may just have to get both!
  12. if u have to get JUST ONE, get LV.
    it wouldnt hurt u later on coz u'll never see it go on sale.
  13. Amarante *run run run run*
  14. LV doesn't do much for me, so I'd have to say spy.
  15. The squirrel spy is on sale at!